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Review of Viscous Flows
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Particle Adhesion
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Fundamentals of Particle Transport and Deposition

Fundamentals of particle motion in fluid flow are described. Hydrodynamic forces acting on spherical and nonspherical particles are discussed. Brownian motion of nano-particles are described and aerosol kinetics are covered. The process of particle deposition by diffusion, interception and impaction mechanisms are discussed. Computational modeling tools and experimental techniques are introduced.

Fundamentals of Particle Adhesion and Removal

Fundamentals of particle adhesion and detachment are described. The models for particle adhesion are described Hydrodynamic forces acting on particle attached to a wall are reviewed and the process of article resuspension as analyzed. Computational models for analyzing particle resuspensions are discussed. Experimental techniques for measuring particle detachment are also described.

Industrial and Environmental Applications

Applications of particle transport, deposition and removal in environmental and industrial application are emphasized throughout the course. Specific examples related to indoor and outdoor air pollution, particle deposition in human respiratory tract, and in microelectronic and imaging industries are provided.

Course Outline

Instructor: Goodarz Ahmadi

Dr. Goodarz Ahmadi | Turbulence & Multiphase Fluid Flow Laboratory | Department of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering
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Potsdam, New York, 13699

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