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Dr. Goodarz Ahmadi
Director, TMFL
Clarkson U.
Potsdam, NY 13699

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Stochastic Turbulence Modeling

Turbulent Liquid Fuel Spray Formation


Inhalation Drug Delivery

Outdoor CO<sub>2</sub> Emissions

Outdoor CO<sub>2</sub> Emissions

Outdoor Emissions Urban Areas

Sediment Transport in Rivers

Sediment Transport and Deposition in Rivers

Indoor CO<sub>2</sub> Emissions

Indoor Particulate Emissions

Gas Hydrate

Multi-phase Gas Hydrate Formation and Dissociation

Three-Phase Slurry Reactors

Three-phase Slurry Reactors

Indoor CO<sub>2</sub> Emissions Particle Resuspension Modeling

POD-ROM second mode of u velocity

POD-ROM second mode of v velocity

Reduced order modeling

Fractured Rock Flows
Multiphase Flow in Fractured Rocks and Reservoirs

Human Nasal System Modeling

CO2 Sequestration

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Sequestration

News & Awards

April 2004

Goodarz Ahmadi Named Associate Dean Of Research And Graduate Studies At Coulter School Of Engineering [read more]
June 2003 Professor Ahmadi named Robert H. Hill Endowed Professor. [read more]
July 2001 Laboratory Director, Professor Goodarz Ahmadi named Clarkson's First Distinguished Professor. [read more]
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Potsdam, New York, 13699


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