Evolution and Cognition Lab


Andreas Wilke, Ph.D.

Associate Professor & Chair

Clarkson University

Department of Psychology

8 Clarkson Ave, Box 5825

Potsdam, NY 13699

phone: 315 268 7023

fax: 315 268 7118

email: awilke@clarkson.edu

last updated:

August 21st 2019


Welcome to the Evolution & Cognition Lab at Clarkson University.

Over evolutionary time, humans had to solve difficult information-processing problems, such as finding food and finding a mate, in an uncertain world. In our laboratory we are interested in this human cognitive evolution, specifically, the evolution of judgment and decision-making capacities.

Our laboratory is currently pursuing several lines of research which combine ideas from multiple disciplines: Cognitive psychology (judgment and decision-making, risk and uncertainty, domain-specificity, gambling behavior, information foraging theory, ecological rationality), evolutionary psychology (human cognitive evolution, foraging behavior, mate choice, emotions), behavioral ecology (life-history theory, optimal foraging, rules of thumb in animal behavior), and biological anthropology (traditional foraging societies, cultural evolution, hominid evolution).

A video showcasing our current research can be found HERE.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions -- thanks.

Research Overview