Clarkson Construction Engineering Management Consulting Group (C3G)


As a part of commitment by the Clarkson CEM Program to hands-on and co-curricular education, Director Erik Backus along with Bill Olsen and Jim Billings launched the Clarkson CEM Consulting Group in 2017. This in-house Clarkson University capability provides pre-professional consulting in planning, engineering, and construction areas. This business enterprise uses students in an experiential learning mode in order to deliver products that the targeted market segments would not be otherwise able to conduct using professional consulting services. Likewise, these efforts help to build community economic opportunities by jumpstarting projects that would otherwise not be able to be done absent some key preliminary work. The goal has been to generate further professional work and efforts that can aid in the development of a more robust North Country economy.


Market Segments


       Communities and Governmental Organizations

       Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, and other Houses of Worship

       Not-for-profit/Non-profit Organizations

       Small Private Owners/Businesses


What We Do



C3G in the News





Example Projects




Project Team


Summer/Fall 2019

Village and Town of Canton Judson Street Concept Design for Complete Streets

C3G (Sam Skufka, Paul Barber, Autumn Lennon, Nick Frost)

       Final Presentation

       NNY Complete Streets Best Practices Report

       NNY Complete Streets Best Practices Pres.

Summer/Fall 2019

Village of Potsdam Sidewalk Inventory

C3G (Cori Golding, Elizabeth Pogorzelski, Albert Wait, Oscar Anguilar-Cruz, Jenny Ward)

       Final Presentation

       Sidewalk Inventory Maps

Summer 2019

Village of Gouverneur Sidewalk Inventory

C3G (Jenny Ward, Anna Poe)

       Final Presentation

       Sidewalk Inventory Maps

Summer/Fall 2018

Village of Massena Complete Streets

C3G (Sam Skufka and Ellie Seigfried)

       Final Presentation

Summer/Fall 2018

City of Ogdensburg Complete Streets

C3G (Sam Skufka and Ellie Seigfried)

       Final Presentation

Summer 2018

Town of Potsdam Comprehensive Plan Complete Streets Language

C3G (Jon Ignatowski and Hayley Szeglowski)

       Final Deliverable Memo

Spring 2018

Akwesasne Arena Master Plan

C3G (Ryan Brown, Leudin Dominguez, Tom Gagnon, Quintana Hart and Hayley Szeglowski)

       Preliminary Plan Options Presentation

       Foundation Options Precedents

Fall 2017

St. Lawrence Health System Traffic Counts Study

C3G (Jacob Hunt, Leudin Dominguez, Jon Ignatowski and Hayley Szeglowski)

       Final Report Memo

Spring 2017

Improvements to Infrastructure and Alternative Transportation Facilities in the Village of Potsdam, NY

Ind. Study Project (Anthony Stead)

       Final Report

       Planning Board Presentation

Spring 2016

US Route 11 Bypass Land Use Study for the Villages of Potsdam and Canton, NY

Ind. Study Project (Jon Ignatowski)

       Full Study Report

       Potsdam Abridged Report

Spring 2016

Completing Potsdam NYs Streets Pedestrian Infrastructure as the Catalyst for Social and Economic Renewal in the Village Core

Ind. Study Project (Jon Ignatowski)

       Final Report

Fall 2015

Final report on strategies to make pedestrian and bicycling improvements in the Village of Potsdam, NY including facility modifications and positive town-gown relations

Ind. Study Project (Gregory Lang)

       Participant Survey Report

       Final Report


This list is updated periodically.

All of the above are student work products, and as such all rights are reserved to the authors in conjunction with Clarkson University.


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For more information, contact the CEM Director, Mr. Erik C. Backus, at or 315-268-6522.