Juma's Archive


The Juma Sultan Archive

With start-up funds from the National Endowment for the Arts and Clarkson University, this project begins the process of preserving an archive of unpublished photos, films, and hundreds of live audio recordings of American jazz artists from what is commonly referred to as the avant-garde or the <93>loft jazz<94> era of the late 1960<92>s and 1970<92>s, all originally developed and collected by musician, social activist, and documentarian, Juma Sultan.

The Audio and Video Samples in the Site

Because the full-length audio recordings and film/video recordings currently in this digital archive are both privately owned and under the control of copyright, we provide only 30-second samples of both in this website.

However, if musicians or researchers wish to listen to or view the full-length versions of any of these materials, they may do so upon request. These materials are housed in the Eastman Kodak Center for Excellence in Communication of Clarkson University, Potsdam, NY.

To request such a visit or for any other queries about this website, please contact

Stephen D. Farina, Ph.D. Professor and Chair Communication & Media Department Clarkson University Potsdam, NY 13699-5760 315-268-6484 or -6489 sdf@clarkson.edu

Johndan Johnson-Eilola, Ph.D. Professor Communication & Media Department Clarkson University Potsdam, NY 13699-5760 315-268-6488 johndan@clarkson.edu

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