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Aboriginal Music Society

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Tinker St. Theater, Woodstock, NY, 1971 – 30:38, 23:36, 16:38
  • Gene Dinwiddie - sax
  • Phillip Wilson - drums
  • Rod Hicks - cello
  • Juma Sultan - bass
  • Ali K. Abuwi - flute - congas

On this recording Rod Hicks (who played with Aretha Franklin, Paul Butterfield, Muddy Waters) says between songs:

“Thank you very much for coming out. This is the Aboriginal Music Society. We’re being augmented by some of the home boys. But we’re all playing together as the Aboriginal Music Society in order to celebrate the music and play free and let it move together…."

"And I’d like to say also that… the purpose of us being here is to recognize the Black Heritage Week which is this week. And I think that our music is part of the self-expression that has been preserved in our music. And so we’re here tonight hoping that you can enjoy what we’re doing. And just do what you want to do. If you feel like dancing, clapping your hands, patting your feet just do what you want to do and we’ll play some….."