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Aboriginal Music Society

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Studio We, 1973 – 10:10, 29:55
  • Idris Art Bennet - sax
  • Ali K. Abuwi - drums
  • Johnny Fonseca - congas
  • Juma Sultan - bass
  • Bembe Shaki - flute
  • Kasa Allah - piano

The band was playing local gigs in NYC and also Friday nights at Studio We on a regular basis. Quite often they played as the opening band for an event that they held. For example, they opened for Barry Harris at the Brooklyn Academy of Music and other events and locations for the Five Boroughs Jazz Festivals of the 1970s. Personnel of the Aboriginal Music Society changed periodically; for example, the drummer Michael Carvin, sax player Julius Hemphill, and bassist William Parker all played with them for a time.

Idris Art Bennet played with Billy Bang, William Parker, Olu Dara, Sonelius Smith, Byard Lancaster, and Don Moye.

Narrative Ali K. Abuwi played with french horn player, Richard Dunbar and William Parker.

According to Juma, at Studio We musicians would rent rehearsal space, for, say, $10 an hour. Juma would record them and often give the musicians the rehearsal tape. People like Abdullah, Rashied Sinan, Sam Rivers have tapes that Juma made for them in those days.