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Archie Shepp

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Slugs, NYC, 1972 – 33:52
  • Archie Shepp - sax
  • Charles McGee – trumpet
  • Jimmy Garrison – bass
  • Dave Burrell – piano
  • Juma Sultan – congas

The Attica Blues recording included all of the players on this date as well as some of the players on the Studio Rivbea date also archived in this website.

In fact, both the Attica Blues and The Cry of My People recordings share many players with Juma’s Archive, including: Dave Burrell, Jimmy Garrison, Charles "Majid" Greenlee, Beaver Harris, Hakim Jami, Billy Robinson, Charles Stephens, Clifford Thornton, Joe Lee Wilson, and Kiane Zawadi.

In addition to these musicians, Archie Shepp has played with many other legendary players, including Cecil Taylor, John Coltrane, Don Cherry, John Tchicai, Roswell Rudd, Bobby Hutcherson, and Grachan Moncur.

NOTE: it has been suggested to us that this clip may be playing backwards, given the seeming reverse echo of the drums among other sonic abnormalities. This is definitely not the case. However, we will be investigating the original to see if there was bleed-through from another track during the process of digitizing this recording.