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Milford Graves

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Slugs, NYC, 1972 – 31:46
  • Milford Graves – drums and percussion
  • Joe Rigby – reeds

This performance was for the New York Musicians Jazz Fest, July 4, 1972.

See the video archive for a clip of the “Big Jam” that ended the 1972 New York Musicians Jazz Festival with Milford Graves as one of the percussionists bouncing about on stage at the height of the jam.

Longtime teacher and music therapy researcher, practicioner and professor at Bennington College, Milford Graves played in the ‘60’s and 70’s with Albert Ayler, Don Pullen, and Paul Bley and continues to produce challenging and innovative music into the 21st Century.

Describing a 2004 collaboaration between John Zorn and Mildford Graves entitled 50th Birthday Celebration Volume Two, the Tzadik records website says that this was a: “…historic meeting between two of music's most powerful and controversial iconoclasts. Playing together yearly since 1999 for very special occasions, their musical connection and spiritual bond has gotten stronger and stronger. This set, played before a packed house of screaming enthusiasts, was without doubt their best and most outrageous performance to date.” The performance showed “intensity, fireworks and incredible mutual respect…. “