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Rashied Ali Quintet

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Studio Rivbea, NYC, 1973 – 16:34
  • Rashied Ali - drums
  • Earl Cross – trumpet
  • James Blood Ulmer - guitar
  • John Dana? – bass
  • Lighting? – sax

This performance was recorded for the 1973 Five Boroughs New York Musicans Jazz Festival.

The Rashied Ali Quintet recorded albums on Rashied Ali’s own Survival Records, a few of which were reissued in 2000 on Knit Classics. These were

  • Quintet
  • New Directions in Modern Music
  • Moonflight
  • New York Ain't So Bad

While we are sure of the roles of Earl Cross and James Blood Ulmer in this performance, we are unsure about who is on bass and who is on sax. John Dana played bass and Bob Ralston was on sax for a Survival Records recording that is contemporary with this performance. The bassist on this recording may be John Dana. We have not identified the sax player. You can catch a glimpse of both players on this date in the video archive.