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Sonny Simmons

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True Creation from Vibration gallery, New York City, 1968 - 17:18
  • Sonny Simmons - Alto
  • Barbara Donald - Trumpet
  • Juma - Bass
  • Paul Smith - Drums

Recorded 2-24-68 at a rehearsal gallery named "True Creation From Vibration" on 3rd St. in Manhattan, near Slugs. Sonny called this band, “The Depth Probers” and the band rehearsed every day for a year and a half – ten, twelve hours a day. Many great players stopped in to join them; however, this band never played a gig.

At the time, Paul Smith played some with Albert Ayler and Pharoah Sanders. Juma was developing the Aboriginal Music Society. Most notably, however, this line-up recorded several cuts for the great Arhoolie Records album, Manhattan Egos.

This recording was done with two microphones into an old Wollensak reel-to-reel machine, probably during the day. "We’d come in, put on a pot of soup and start playing. Each of us bring in some vegetables… it was a lean time."