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Aboriginal Music Society

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Cambridge, MA, 1972
(Note: These video clips do not contain audio.)

This film was produced by Juma Sultan.

Although the clip we have for this film does not show it, the full film of this concert includes an interesting participant. Playing percussion is Professor Hetty Fox, who also played percussion on Archie Shepp’s Things Have Got to Change album; however, music was not her primary work. To this day Hetty Fox is an advocate for housing for the poor in New York City and Founder and President of the New York Kids. In 1999, she was awarded The City Spirit Award by the New York Knicks and other city organizations:

“In 1970, Professor Hetty Fox established the New York Kids Foundation in the South Bronx to help educate and prepare today's children for leadership positions and educational advancement in the 21st century. Relying solely on donations Professor Fox over the last 29 years has established numerous programs such as: The Kids Foundation After School Program, The Lyman Place Summer Sports Program, and Police Athletic League, and The Family Enterprise and Adult Program.”

The version of the band for this show included both Earl Cross and Idres Art Bennett.

While we have not yet found the audio recording of the concert, Juma does believe it will be found in his collection.