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Noah Howard

Noah Howard and Arthur Doyle

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Studio Rivbea, NYC, 1972
(Note: These video clips do not contain audio.)
Noah Howard sax Arthur Doyle sax Earl Freeman bass Art Lewis drums

This film was produced by Karma Stanley and Juma Sultan for the New York Musicians Organization.

In addition to the players from this date, Noah Howard has performed with many greats, including Albert Ayler, Sun Ra, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Milford Graves, Archie Shepp, Andrew Cyrille, Wilbur Ware, Sunny Murray, Bill Dixon, Leroy Jenkins, Alan Silva, Rashied Ali, Dave Burrell, Khan Jamal, Frank Lowe and Ted Daniels. Noah Howard continues to perform actively today. He is President of AltSax Records which he started in 1968.

In Earl Freeman and Arthur Doyle, this ensemble contained two very enigmatic performers. Earl Freeman recorded with Archie Shepp, Clifford Thornton, and Sonny Simmons, among others.

In the 1970s Arthur Doyle performed with Milford Graves and Frank Wright. Doyle continues to perform in the 21st Century after disappearing from the stage for a number of years. In recent years Doyle has toured with Sunny Murray and later with Han Bennink.

Art Lewis recorded with Joe Lee Wilson, Ronnie Boykins, Andrew Hill, Dewey Redman, Dexter Gordon, Clifford Jordan, and Sam Rivers. He continues to perform today with the Russo Alberts Trio in California.

While we have not yet found the audio recording of the concert, Juma does believe it will be found in his collection.