The Milton Kerker Endowed Chair in Colloid Science was created in 2003 in honor of Professor Emeritus Milton Kerker, who made an unparalleled contribution in elevating the stature of Clarkson's School of Science during 42 years of service, from 1949 - 1991. Kerker also served as dean of the Departments of Physics and Mathematics and launched the Department of Biology at Clarkson. He was a world-renowned authority on aerosols and light scattering. Funding for the chair was provided by an endowment established by the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation to support colloid research. Clarkson University has appointed Evgeny Katz the Milton Kerker Endowed Professor of Colloid Science in 2006.

Reva and Milton Kerker - October 2012

Updated on October 28, 2012