Associate professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Clarkson University.

Courtesy Appointment in the Institute for Stem Education at Clarkson University.

Details of research here

Volunteer (EMT) with the Potsdam Volunteer Rescue Squad

CoSiNe Lab



New demo: Try our demo on password hardening, based on our research on behavioral biometrics.

Journal Article: Our work on localization with incomplete and noisy data has been accepted to the IEEE Internet of Things (IoT) Journal. Preprint.

Journal Article: Our work on undergraduate machine learning education has been accepted to the ASEE Computers in Education Journal. Collaborative work with Prof. Rivera and Prof. Spanias (ASU). Preprint.

NSF RAPID Grant: We received an NSF RAPID award for hotspot detection. Collaborative with Prof. Schuckers, Prof. Tepedelenlioglu (ASU), and Prof. Spanias (ASU). Details of the work are here.

Journal Article: Our work on Keystroke Dynamics has been accepted to the IEEE Transactions on Biometrics, Behavior, and Identity Science (TBIOM). Collaborative with Prof. Hou and Prof. Schuckers. Preprint.

CVPR 2019: We will be at Long Beach, CA, at the Biometrics Workshop at CVPR presenting our work, “Fast Continuous User Authentication using Distance Metric Fusion of Free-text Keystroke Data“.

Journal Article: Our work on estimation and detection as applied to localization has been accepted to Physical Communications (PHYCOM) Journal. Preprint.

New Patent: M.K. Banavar, K.V. Mack, “Localization using wireless signals,” United States Patent 10,117,051, October 30, 2018.

Journal Article: Our work on localization has been accepted to the Sampling Theory in Signal and Image Processing (STSIP) Journal. Collaborative with Jie Sun. Preprint.

Award from Facebook: Our proposal, “Behavioral Biometrics for Post-password Authentication” has been awarded a Facebook “Secure the Internet” grant for $75,000. Collaborative with Daqing Hou and Stephanie Schuckers. More details here.

RAPS Summer 2018: Congratulations to all students who presented at the Summer 2018 RAPS. Special mention to Marcus Griffith, Eric Mercer – Best speaker award; Eric Mercer, Lewis Collum – Best poster award

New Patent: X. Zhang, C. Tepedelenlioglu, M.K. Banavar, A. Spanias, “Distributed location detection in wireless sensor networks,” United States Patent 10,028,085, July 17, 2018.

FIE 2018: Two papers accepted to FIE 2018 in San Jose. (1) Online Machine Learning Experiments in HTML5; (2) Mobile apps for Incorporating Science and Engineering Practices in K-12 STEM Labs