Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Clarkson University


Incipient Motion of Nonuniform Sediment (Wu et al., 2000, JHR, No.6)

Nonuniform Sediment Transport Capacity in Alluvial River (Wu et al., 2000, JHR, No. 6)

Nonuniform Sediment Transport Capacity in Coastal Water (Wu and Lin, 2014, Coastal Eng.)

Movable Bed Roughness (Wu and Wang, 1999, JHE, No. 12)

Sediment Transport over Steep Slope (Wu, 2004, JHE, No.10)

Sediment Transport in Rapidly-Varying Flows (Wu, 2007; Wu and Wang, 2005, IJSR, No.3)

Conveyance and Sediment Transport in Vegetated Channel (Wu and He, 2009, IJSR, No. 3)

Temporal Lag between Flow and Sediment Transport (Wu et al., 2006, IJSR, No.2)

Helical Flow Effect in Curved Channel (Wu and Wang, 2004, IJSR, No. 4)

Porosity of Sediment Deposit (Wu and Wang, 2006, JHE, No.8)

Sediment Particle Settling Velocity (Wu and Wang, 2006, JHE. No.8)

Floc Settling Velocity (Wu and Wang, 2004, IJSR, No.3)

Mixed Cohesive/Noncohesive Sediment Transport (Lin and Wu, 2013, JHR, No.5)


*: Formulas developed before 2007 are included in Wu (2007), Computational River Dynamics, Taylor and Francis, UK, 494 p.

JHR – Journal of Hydraulic Research, IAHR

JHE – Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, ASCE

IJSR – International Journal of Sediment Research