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Trajectory-based Potential Sourece Apportionment Project


2017.3.6 Simplify trajectory setting, users can directly use 5 default meteorological data format, including Eta Data Assimilation System 40 km, North American Regional Reanalysis, NCAR Reanalysis Archive, Global Data Assimilation System 1°×1° and Global Data Assimilation System 0.5°×0.5°.
2016.8.10 Wind rose, pollutant pattern analysis, and event analysis (MATLAB package) released.
2016.8.5 GIS function (MATLAB package), including grid weighting, grid smoothing and peak identification, released.
2016.7.25 Trend analysis (MATLAB package), including Mann-Kendall's tau test and Sen's slope, released.
2016.7.20 Trajectory ensemble receptor models (MATLAB package), including CFA, CPF, CWT, PSCF, RTWC, and SQTBA, released.
2016.6.20 TraPSA software version 1.0 released.

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