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Engineering Mathematics
Review of Viscous Flows
Review of Computational Fluid Mechanics

Particle Adhesion
Simulation Methods
Experimental Techniques
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ME 537: Particle Transport, Deposition, and Removal I

Syllabus (pdf format)

Engineering Mathematics Engineering Mathematics (slides)

Viscous Flows
Navier-Stokes Equation, Vorticity, Stream Function
Exact Solutions (slides)
Drag on Spherical Particles
Creeping Flows
Nonspherical Particles


Introduction to Aerosols (slides)
Drag, Lift Forces
Aerosol Kinetics
Virtual Mass, Basset Forces, and the BBO Equation
Nonspherical Particles
Brownian Motions (slides)
Particle Deposition Mechanisms
Mass Diffusion (slides)Diffusion and Interception (slides)
Aerosol Charging (slides)
Inertia Impaction
Aerosol Coagulation


Particle Adhesion
Van der Waals Force (slides)
JKR and Other Adhesion Models (slides)
Particle Adhesion and Removal (Dr. Rimai) (slides)
Effects of Charge (Dr. Rimai)
Rough Particles (slides)
Bumpy Particles and Effect of Humidity (slides)
Utrasonic and Megasonic Cleaning


Simulation Methods Laminar Flow Simulation
Particle Transport and Deposition in Laminar Flow


Experimental Techniques
Turbulent Flow Measurement (Hot-Wire, PIV, Laser-Doppler)
Particle Concentration and Velocity Measurements(Phase-Doppler, PIV)
Aerosol Sampling techniques
Clean Room Operation
Advanced Surface Cleaning Techniques (Laser, Cryogenic, Ultrasonic)


Microcontamination Control
Clean Room and Process Equipment
Filtration Processes and Gas Cleaning (Cyclone)

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