Dr. Mario Wriedt

Kodak CAMP Distinguished Professor
Department of Chemistry & Biomolecular Science
Clarkson University
8 Clarkson Ave, Box 5814
Potsdam, NY 13699

Director of the Chemistry Graduate Program

Affiliate Faculty of the
Institute for a Sustainable Environment (ISE) and
Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP)


+1 (315) 268-2355
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Wriedt Research Group 2021

L to R: Mario Wriedt, Adrash Narayanan, Zachary Goad, Shefa Alomari, Donald Hartman III,  Kirti Sharma, Gavin Flavell, Charlene VanLeuven, Greta Kerwin, John Hadynski, Monu Joy, Tyler Sears, and Noah Payne. Not pictured are Tony Koppers and Michael Sehn. See group photos from previous years here.

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See Press Releases here.

04/2021: Dr. Wriedt was recognized at the Clarkson University Recognition Award Ceremony with the Phalanx Commendable Service Award. Phalanx is Clarkson’s highest honorary society. Also, the group was recognized for being awarded a patent in 2020. The patent is entitled “Method and System for Controlled Nanostructuring of Nanomagnets, US20160343488A1“.

04/2021: Wriedt Lab’s Graduate and Undergraduate Students presented their recent research accomplishments and Clarkson’s 2021 Spring Virtual Research and Project Showcase (RAPS). Numerous oral presentations and posters on MOF chemistry were presented. Everyone did a fantastic job, congrats!

04/2021: Wriedt Lab’s Undergraduate Researchers Michael Sehn and Tony Koppers are accepted to Clarkson’s Graduate Program. Both of them will spend 2022 in Wriedt Lab to complete their Masters Degree. Congrats!

04/2021: Dr. Wriedt presented the group’s recent work on PFAS remediation at the 2021 ACS Spring Virtual Meeting, Environmental Chemistry Division.

04/2021: Wriedt Lab published their recent work on PFAS remediation using MOFs in Chemistry of Materials. The paper is entitled “Efficient Removal of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances from Water with Zr-Based MOFs”. Congrats to the lead authors Dr. Rui Li and Shefa Alomari and the fantastic collaborators of the groups of Drs. Trivedi, Thagard and Holsen at Clarkson University and the group of Dr. Farha at Northwestern University.

03/2021: Wriedt Lab’s Undergraduate Researchers Michael Sehn and Tony Koppers are accepted by the Research Internships in Science and Engineering (RISE) program of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to spend the 2021 Summer in Germany to do research. Michael and Tony will join the labs of our collaborators Dr. Stock at Kiel University and and Dr. Wochnowski at the University of Applied Sciences in Lübeck, respectively. Congrats!

01/2021: Freshmen Chemistry Major Noah Payne joined Wriedt Lab as an Undergraduate Researcher. Welcome Noah!

12/2020: Our recent paper in Advanced Sustainable Systems was featured on Dairy Reporter. You can find the news article here.

10/2020: Dr. Wriedt presented the groups work at the 2020 Annual Technical Meeting of the Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP). His presentation was entitled “MOFs go industry: a CAMP success story demonstrating the advancement of modern nanoporous materials for industrial applications”.

10/2020: Our recent paper in Advanced Sustainable Systems will be featured on the journal’s front cover of its November issue. You can find the cover artwork here.

08/2020: Wriedt lab’s paper on “Dry and Wet CO2 Capture from Milk‐Derived Microporous Carbons with Tuned Hydrophobicity” was accepted in Advanced Sustainable Systems. You can find the paper here. Advanced Science News featured this work here.

07/2020: Our summer undergraduate cohort presented about their research accomplishments at Clarkson’s Virtual Summer Research and Project Showcase. You did a great job!

07/2020: Juby Varghese successfully defended her dissertation on “MOFs as Advanced Porous Materials for Fundamental Research and Versatile Applications”. Heartfelt congrats, Dr. Juby! We wish you a great time as postdoctoral research associate, you will be missed! See photo here from her remote defense.

07/2020: The Clarkson Campus is slowly reopening. After many months of remote research we are excited to be back in the lab!

06/2020: Our undergraduate students Tony KoppersSamuel Pyser, and Zachary Goad conduct a 10-week research program with Wriedt Lab. We are excited about a productive summer to come!

05/2020: Dr. Wriedt’s work was recognized with the Excellence in Research and Scholarship Award and Phalanx Commendable Service Award. Clarkson’s support is greatly appreciated!

05/2020: Wriedt lab explores new dimensions. Materials Studio and Gaussian software were acquired and installed on Clarkson’s computing cluster. We are very excited to use computational tools to advance our MOF research!

04/2020: Juby Varghese was honored with the Outstanding Graduate Student Award – Clarkson’s most prestigious award for the graduate program. Well deserved Juby, congrats!

04/2020: All Wriedt Group students presented at Clarkson’s Virtual Spring Research and Project Showcase. Undergraduate researcher Hope Woodruff and graduate student Juby Varghese were awarded for the Best Oral Presentation in Chemistry and Materials Science respectively. Congrats and shout out to all students, you did a fantastic job!

03/2020: Graduate student John Hadynski competed for the Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) of the National Science Foundation. It was a close call, his proposal was honorably mentioned. Congrats!

03/2020: Wriedt lab closed when executive order “New York State on PAUSE” was announced due to COVID-19 pandemic. Stay tuned for news on group activities.

02/2020: All Wriedt Group gradate students attended the Bruker-AXS / MIT Symposium. Juby Varghese’s participation was supported by the Baltus-Dreyfus Foundation Travel Award. The motto of the symposium was Porous Materials. Thanks Dr. Peter Müller for organizing such a great conference. See photo here.

02/2020: We had the please to host two amazing speakers, Drs. Cafer Yavuz from KAIST and Richard Layfield from the University of Sussex gave two great presentations at Clarkson. Thanks for visiting!

01&02/2020: Graduate students Juby Varghese and John Hadynski gave fantastic talks within the Chemistry Seminar Series at Clarkson. Great job, we are proud of you! See photo here.

01/2020: Graduate student Juby Varghese was awarded Clarkson’s Shipley Endowed Fellowship to fund her final semester before graduating in summer. Congrats!

01/2020: Wriedt Group warmly welcomes new graduate student Kirti Sharma and undergraduate students Michael Sehn and Donald Hartman III; while former undergraduate researcher Charlene VanLeuven moved up to become a graduate student, congrats!

11/2019: Dr. Wriedt presented his work at the Festkörpersymposium at the University of Frankfurt, Germany. Thanks Dr. Martin Schmidt for the kind invite!

11/2019: Dr. Wriedt attended the Beilstein Symposium dedicated to Nanoporous Materials in Rüdesheim, Germany. What a great conference thanks to the organizers Drs. Cafer Yavuz from KAIST and Sir Fraser Stoddart from NU. See photo here.

10/2019: Dr. Wriedt was invited to present his work at SUNY Binghamton. Thanks Dr. Hao Liu for the kind invite!

09/2019: Dr. Wriedt gave a research lecture at the University of Ottawa. Thank you Dr. Muralee Murugesu for the kind invite!

08/2019: Drs. Wriedt and Näther of Kiel University organized workshop on Single-Crystal X-ray Diffraction at Clarkson University. The workshop was a great success. Shout-out to our organizational team and sponsors, this event would not have been possible without you! See photos here and press release here.

08/2019: Wriedt Lab’s undergraduate students gave five oral contributions at Clarkson’s Summer Research and Project Showcase. All students were spread-out in two sessions and won both of them. Congrats to Gavin Flavell and Sam Pyser for your Best Undergraduate Oral Presentation in Chemistry and Electrochemistry, respectively!  See photo here.

07/2019: Wriedt Lab celebrated the end of the summer semester with a fun boating and swimming trip at Blue Mountain Lake, NY. See photo here. Thank you everyone for making this semester a very successful one!

07/2019: Dr. Wriedt traveled to Europe to give three invited lectures. Shout-out for your kind invitations to Dr. Norbert Stock at Kiel University, Germany; Dr. Michel Prassas at Corning Inc., Fontainebleau, France; and Dr. Carlos Martí-Gastaldo at University of Valencia, Spain.

07/2019: Wriedt Lab also welcomes High-School student Andrew Davidson of Potsdam Central High School and Pre-Frosh student Zhachary Goad of Clarkson’s Honors Program. Both join us for the summer.

07/2019: Wriedt Lab publishes preview paper entitled “A New Tool for the Design and Functionalization of MOFs” in the first issue of Cell Press’ new journal Matter.

06/2019: The summer semester has officially started. Wriedt Lab welcomes undergraduate researchers Stephanie Barajas (CUPO), Sam Pyser, Hope WoodruffGavin FlavellTony Koppers (Honors), and Alejandro Garcia (REU). Have a great summer!

06/2019: Wriedt Lab attended CEMWOQ-6, what a great workshop and conference! Graduate students contributed two oral and two poster presentations. Well done! See photo of this exciting trip here.

05/2019: Clarkson’s President Dr. Tony Collins announced that Dr. Wriedt has been named the Kodak CAMP Distinguished Professor. Many thanks to the supportive colleagues!

05/2019: Dr. Wriedt gave an invited lecture at the CAMP Annual Meeting in Syracuse, NY, and all Wriedt Lab graduate students presented posters. Special shout out to Shefa Alomari and Sudhan Nagarajan who won best poster awards in the categories ‘materials synthesis and processing’ and ’emerging materials and new technologies for healthy water’ respectively. Congrats!

05/2019: Dr. Wriedt was presented the Graham Faculty Research Award for his outstanding research accomplishments. See press release here.

05/2019: Wriedt Lab undergraduate researchers Alexander Harley, Kyle Duell, Fletcher Dix, and Paul Lawrence walked the stage at Clarkson’s May Commencement Ceremony. Congratulations, you will be missed!

05/2019: Former Wriedt Lab graduate students Hubert Bilan and Wen An walked the stage at Clarkson’s May Commencement Ceremony. See photos here. Hubert currently oversees CAMP’s instrumental facilities at Clarkson and Wen is going after a great work opportunity in China. Congratulations!

05/2019: Dr. Wriedt was invited to present his work at the University at Buffalo. Thanks Dr. Jason Benedict for the kind invitation!

04/2019: Wriedt Lab undergraduate researcher Michel Chirgwin was awarded a prestigious Goldwater Scholarship. See press release here. Congratulations!

04/2019: Dr. Hong-Cai Joe Zhou from Texas A&M University presented his exciting work on MOFs at Clarkson. Thanks Joe for a great talk!

04/2019: Phalanx, Clarkson’s highest honorary society, has recognized Dr. Wriedt with two awards, the Commendable Service Award and the Commendable Leadership Award. See photo here. Wriedt lab undergraduate researcher Michael Chirgwin was also recognized by Phalanx with the Commendable Leadership Award. Congrats!

04/2019: Wriedt lab students win three awards at the Spring Research and Project Showcase (RAPS) at Clarkson University. Graduate student Juby Varghese won the Best Poster award, and Shefa Alomari won the Best Oral Presentation award and First Sustainability price. See photo of all presenters here. Well done!

03/2019: The collaborative Ignite work of Drs. Wriedt and Mitlin has been featured on The Research Connection.

02/2019: Dr. Wriedt has been granted tenure and promotion to Associate Professor of Chemistry. See news release here.

02/2019: Wriedt lab welcomes new undergraduate researchers Gavin FlavellHope WoodruffSam Pyser and Stephanie Barajas. They will start their work in summer.

01/2019: Dr. Wriedt was featured as Spotlight in the 2018 Presidents Report. See page 4 here.

01/2019: Wriedt Lab’s work on “Direct Imaging of Isolated Single Molecule Magnets in Metal-Organic Frameworks” was featured on the cover of JACS. See news release here.

11/2018: Wriedt Lab’s paper in Chemistry of Materials was rated one of the top 20 most highly downloaded papers in November 2018. Congrats!

11/2018: Dr. Wriedt delivered an invited talk at the Chemistry Department, University of South Dakota.

10/2018: Wriedt Lab publishes paper on “Rational Design of Pore Size and Functionality in a Series of Isoreticular Zwitterionic Metal-Organic Frameworks” in Chemistry of Materials. See news release here.

08/2018: Wriedt Lab welcomes the new graduate students Monu Joy and Sudhan Nagarajan.

07/2018: Wriedt Lab graduate student Juby Vargehese won the Dr. Petr Zuman Award in Chemistry for her contributions to the electrochemistry field. Congrats Juby!

07/2018: Wriedt Lab undergraduates Jenna Brockett and Anthony Hopkins won the Best Poster Presentation Award in Sustainability at Clarkson’s Summer Research and Project Showcase. Well done!

07/2018: Wriedt Lab has big impact at the Annual Meeting of the American Crystallographic Association in Toronto, ON. Juby Varghese received the Margaret C. Etter Student Lecturer Award and Dr. Wriedt gave an invited talk and organized a session on MOFs. Both were featured in ACA RefleXions, see pages 26 and 34.

07/2018: Dr. Wriedt was invited to talk at the Crystal Engineering and Emerging Materials Workshop of Ontario and Quebec, McGill University.

06/2018: Wriedt Lab welcomes Honor and Prefrosh student Anthony Koppers as new undergraduate researcher this summer.

05/2018: Wriedt Lab graduate student members contributed three poster presentations at the Annual CAMP meeting in Canandaigua, NY.

04, 05/2018: Dr. Wriedt gave invited talks at Research Seminars of the University of Central Florida and University of South Florida.

04/2018: Dr. Wriedt delivered his tenure talk at Clarkson.

04/2018: Wriedt Lab members contributed with a total of 11 oral presentations and 4 poster presentations at Clarkson’s Research and Project Showcase (RAPS). Impressively, they won 7 out of 7 possible awards: Juby Varghese, best graduate oral and poster presentation, honorable mention for sustainability award; Fletcher Dix, best undergraduate oral and poster presentation, sustainability award; and Steven Dunckel, best undergraduate oral presentation. Well done and congrats!

04/2018: Former Wriedt Lab graduate student Dr. Darpandeep Aulakh was recognized with the Outstanding Graduate Student Award by the Department of Chemistry & Biomolecular Science AND Clarkson University. Following her postdoctoral assignment in Prof. Matzger’s group at the University of Michigan she accepted a position as Research Assistant Professor at the University of Toledo. Congrats Darpan!

03/2018: Dr. Wriedt delivered an invited talk at the Chemistry Department of  SUNY Potsdam, NY.

03/2018: The team of Dr. Wriedt and Dr. Mitlin were awarded the prestigious Craig-Ignite Fellowship to fund a Ph.D. student for a 5-year period. They collaboratively explore nanoporous carbons for carbon capture applications. See news release here.

01/2018: Dr. Wriedt hosted a group of high school students from the Senior High School Canton, NY. Students got hands-on experience with modern X-ray diffractometers.

01/2018: Wriedt Lab welcomes Jenna Brockett as new undergraduate researcher.

12/2017: The NSF DMR announced that Dr. Wriedt was recognized with the prestigious CAREER award for his work on the design of a new class of advanced porous materials for energy applications. See news release here.

12/2017: Wriedt Lab’s highlight article on “Porous substrates as platforms for the nanostructuring of molecular magnets” was featured on the cover of CrystEngComm. Congrats!

10/2017: Wriedt Lab welcomes Charlene VanLeuven as new undergraduate researcher.

10/2017: Dr. Wriedt gave a talk on the impact of his work to the Center for Lifelong Learning in the North Country.

09/2017: Wriedt Lab welcomes Matthew Sadler as new undergraduate researcher.

07/2017: Wriedt Lab students contributed two poster and three oral presentations at the Clarkson’s Summer Symposium on Undergraduate Research Experiences. Two awards were won: Co-presenter Alexander Harley and Rachel Meacham, best undergraduate oral presentation, and Michael Chirgwin, best undergraduate poster presentation. Well done!

06/2017: Wriedt Lab welcomes Honor and Prefrosh student Rachel Meacham as new undergraduate researcher this summer.

06/2017: Wriedt Lab’s paper in Dalton Transaction was featured on the Journal’s cover. Congrats! See news release here.

05/2017: Wriedt Lab welcomes Steven Dunckel ’20, CUPO student Paul Lawrence ’19 and Honor student Michael Chirgwin ’20 as new undergraduate researchers. Welcome and enjoy the summer!

05/2017: Wriedt Lab graduate student Juby Varghese spends the summer in Germany at the University of Applied Sciences, Lübeck, working on a collaborative project with Prof. Wochnowski. Have fun!

05/2017: Wriedt Lab undergraduate researchers Katrina Lane, Justin Cruz and Brenna Gillaspy graduated with Bachelor of Science degrees. Congrats and Farewell!

05/2017: Wriedt Lab’s paper entitled “Systematic Investigation of Controlled Nanostructuring of Mn12 Single-Molecule Magnets Templated by Metal-Organic Frameworks” was accepted for publication in Inorganic Chemistry. Well done Darpan Aulakh together with undergraduate Alexander Harley!

05/2017: Wriedt Lab’s first graduate student Darpan Aulakh successfully defended her dissertation. Congrats Dr. Darpan!

05/2017: Wriedt Lab graduate students Shefa Alomari, Hubert Bilan and Darpan Aulakh presented their work at the 30th Annual Technical Meeting of the Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP) in Canandaigua, NY.

04/2017: Wriedt Lab students won 3 awards at the Northern New York ACS Meeting at St. Lawrence University. #1: Fletcher Dix, best undergrad oral presentation; #2: Kyle Duell, 2nd best undergrad poster presentation; #3: Juby Vargehese: best graduate poster presentation. Congrats all!

04/2017: Wriedt Lab students won an impressive # of 7 awards at the First Annual Spring 2017
Research and Project Showcase (RAPS) at Clarkson. #1: Katrina Lane, best oral undergrad presentation; #2 and #3: Kyle Duell, best undergrad poster presentation and undergrad sustainability award; #4: Alexander Harley, honorable mention for his undergrad poster presentation; #5 and #6: Juby Varghese, best graduate oral and poster presentation; #7: Hubert Bilan, graduate sustainability award. Congrats all!

03/2017: Graduate Student Darpan Aulakh was selected for a Travel Award from the Division of Inorganic Chemistry (DIC) of the American Chemical Society to support her attendance at the Spring 2017 ACS Meeting in San Francisco. Congrats!

03/2017: Wriedt Lab’s paper entitled “Design, structural diversity and properties of novel zwitterionic metal-organic frameworks” was accepted for publication in Dalton Transactions.  Well done Darpan Aulakh together with undergraduates Anthony Nicoletta, Joshua Pyser and Juby Varghese!

01/2017: Graduate Student Wen An successfully defended her M.S. Thesis. Congrats! She continues her graduate studies as computer science major at Clarkson.

01/2017: Sam Marble, Chemical Engineering Major, Class of 2017,  joined the Wriedt Lab as Undergraduate Researcher. Welcome Sam!

01/2017: Shefa Alomari, former Wriedt Lab Research Trainee since 06/2016,  was accepted into Clarkson’s Ph.D. program. Welcome Graduate Student Shefa!

11/2016: Wriedt Lab’s paper was accepted for publication the Journal of Chemical Education. Dr. Wriedt and Darpan Aulakh implemented this lab module with great success in CM345.

10/2016: Wriedt Lab’s paper was accepted for publication in Chemical of Materials. Well done Wen An and Darpan Aulakh! See news release here.

08/2016: Brenna Gillaspy, Chemistry Major, Class of 2017,  joined the Wriedt Lab as Undergraduate Researcher. Welcome Brenna!

07/2016: Graduate Student Darpan Aulakh received a Travel Award to attend the Annual Meeting of the American Crystallographic Association, Denver, CO. Her presentation was recognized with the Pauling Poster Prize and Graduate Student Juby Varghese was recognized with the Journal of Chemical Crystallography Poster Prize. Congrats! See news release here.

06/2016: Dr. Wriedt was invited to present at the Gordon Research Conference focusing on Crystal Engineering in Stowe, VT. See news release here.

06/2016: Graduate Student Darpan Aulakh was recognized as 2nd Best Oral Presenter at the ECS Montreal Student Symposium, Montreal, Canada. Congrats!

05/2016: Undergraduate Researchers Kyle Ventura and Joshua Pyser graduated. Both are currently attending top graduate schools, U. of Florida and U. of Michigan. You are missed and good luck for your futures!

05/2016: Graduate Student Wen An was recognized with the Best Looking Poster Award at the Annual CAMP Meeting, Canandaigua, NY. Congrats!

05/2016: Undergraduate Researcher Joshua Pyser was recognized with the Frank C. Goodrich Memorial Fund Undergraduate Award as an Outstanding Senior in Chemistry. Congrats!

04/2016: Undergraduate Researchers Joshua Pyser, Katrina Lane and Alexander Harley were recognized as Best Poster Presenters at Clarkson’s Symposium on Undergraduate Research Experiences (SURE). Congrats!

03/2016: Xulan Deng, former Wriedt Lab undergraduate researcher,  was awarded a prestigious Goldwater Scholarship. Congrats! See news release here.

03/2016: Graduate Student Darpan Aulakh was recognized as Best Poster Presenter at the NNY ACS Research Symposium, Potsdam, NY. Congrats!

02/2016: Graduate Students Darpan Aulakh and Juby Varghese were recognized as 2nd Best Poster Presenters at the Bruker-AXS MIT Symposium, Cambridge, MA. Congrats!

02/2016: Wriedt Lab’s paper was accepted for publication in CrystEngComm. Well done Darpan Aulakh together with undergraduates Anthony Nicoletta and Juby Varghese!

Group Introduction

Welcome to the Functional Materials Design & X-ray Diffraction Laboratory at the Department of Chemistry & Biomolecular Science at Clarkson University!

Dr. Wriedt’s research activities are mainly focused at developing new strategies for the design and synthesis of advanced functional solid-state materials from molecular building blocks and advancing the understanding of their structure-property relationship.

His group at Clarkson University works towards the development and characterization of new metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and activated carbons whose applications address some of our society’s most challenging needs. Specific fields of interest are listed below.

  • Clean Energy Alternatives: Materials for on-board H2 and CH4 storage systems for automotive applications
  • Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Materials for CO2 capture and sequestration from flue gas streams
  • Stimuli-Responsive Spintronics: Materials for sensing and ultra-high data storage applications
  • Environmental Water Treatment: Materials for selective removal of pollutants from waste- and groundwater
  • Electro- and Photochromic Switches: Materials for the development of new smart-glass technologies

Wriedt Lab Leads PFAS Research

October 2021: Wriedt Lab spearheaded the exploration of using MOFs for the removal of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from aqueous environments. PFAS are an emerging class of contaminants raising increased levels of concern due to their toxic, bioaccumulative, and persistent nature, but their removal using current technologies remains challenging. Two PFAS@MOF papers were published. Big thanks to our fantastic collaborators from the groups of Drs. FarhaHolsenThagard and Trivedi to make this work possible.


#1 Efficient Removal of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances from Water with Zirconium-Based Metal-Organic Frameworks

R. Li, S. Alomari, R. Stanton, M.C. Wasson, T. Islamoglu, O.K. Farha, T.M. Holsen, S.M. Thagard, D.J. Trivedi and M. Wriedt

Chemistry of Materials202133, 3276-3285.

DOI: 10.1021/acs.chemmater.1c00324; see news release here.


#2 Systematic Study on the Removal of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances from Contaminated Groundwater Using Metal-Organic Frameworks

R. Li, S. Alomari, T. Islamoglu, O.K. Farha, S. Fernando, S.M. Thagard, T.M. Holsen and M. Wriedt

Environmental Science & Technology202155, 15162-15171.

DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.1c03974

Wriedt Lab Develops Advanced Sunscreens with Estée Lauder Companies

September 2021: Dr. Adarsh Nayarassery Narayanan joined the Wriedt Lab as Postdoctoral Research Associate to explore MOFs as advanced sunscreen materials. We are very excited about this new industrial collaboration to work with Estée Lauder Companies.

Wriedt Lab Hosts Crystallography Workshop with Dr. Peter Mueller 

August 2021:  After a successful nationally recognized single-crystal x-ray diffraction workshop in 2019, Clarkson’s Chemistry & Biomolecular Science Department hosted a second Crystal Structure Refinement Workshop in August. Mario Wriedt, Associate Professor of Chemistry & Biomolecular Science and CAMP Distinguished Professor at Clarkson University, together with world-renowned crystallographer Dr. Peter Mueller of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, offered an intensive 5-day Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction (SCXRD) workshop, Getting the Best Structure from your Diffraction Data at Clarkson University’s Main Campus in Potsdam NY. 

The relatively small experimental effort required for a routine X-ray structure determination, combined with a revolution in data processing, has led to a tremendous increase in the use of single crystal X-ray diffraction, making it one of the most widely used methods of structure elucidation. This means that even inexperienced users can perform their own structure determinations. The workshop was designed to teach students, faculty and researchers working in the area of materials science to avoid, recognize or correct problems that emerge during the structure determination process.

“We were pleased to have a safe in-person event after such a long time of virtual meetings, and no surprise, our workshop was booked to full capacity. All participants were eager to advance their crystallography skills. Eventually, a full week of hands-on structure refinements, with complementing lectures, made the event a great success. All feedback received was outstanding and we look forward to planning our next workshop for 2023,” Wriedt said.

There were 34 participants, seven from Clarkson University and 27 students, faculty, and staff from universities as close as Syracuse, NY, and as far away as the University of Southern California and Texas A&M.

Professor Wriedt and his co-instructor Dr. Peter Mueller share a passion for crystallography, and both have robust backgrounds in related educational and research areas. Mueller has offered this workshop all over the world for many years.

This event would not have been possible without the generosity of our sponsors and a fantastic organizational team.

See press release here, and additional links for reference: original workshop flyer, and more photos.


Wriedt Lab publishes paper in Inorganic Chemistry

August 2021: Wriedt Lab explored the infiltration of metal nanoparticles into MOFs for hydrogen storage applications. We thank our fantastic international collaborators from the groups of Profs. Michael Fröba (University of Hamburg, Germany) and Jörn Wochnowski (Technical University of Applied Sciences Lübeck, Germany), and Dr. Andrey Yakovenko (Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Lab) for making this work possible.

Design and Characterization of Metal-Nanoparticle Infiltrated Mesoporous Metal-Organic Frameworks

J.R. Varghese, C. Wendt, F.B. Dix, D. Aulakh, U. Sazama, A.A. Yakovenko, M. Fröba, J. Wochnowski, D.V. Goia and M. Wriedt

Inorganic Chemistry202160, 13000-13010.

Dr. Wriedt Received $15k Seed Grant

February 2021: The Clarkson/SUNY ESF Healthy Water Solutions Center of Excellence (CoE) awarded Dr. Wriedt in collaboration with co-PIs Drs. Kumar and Ramarao of SUNY ESF a seed grant to support their research on “High-Capacity Sustainable Sorbents for Treatment of Per-Fluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in Contaminated Waters”. 

CCS Research Featured on the Cover of Advanced Sustainable Systems

August 2020: Wriedt Lab explored microporous carbons for CO2 capture applications and found remarkable properties.

Dry and Wet CO2 Capture from Milk-Derived Microporous Carbons with Tuned Hydrophobicity

J. Pokrzywinski, D. Aulakh, W. Verdegaal, V.H. Pham, H. Bilan, S. Marble, D. Mitlin and M. Wriedt

Advanced Sustainable Systems20204, 2000001.

DOI: 10.1002/adsu.202000001

This paper was highlighted on Advanced Science NewsEnergy Live NewsDairyreporter and Clarkson’s news channel.


Dr. Wriedt Recognized by Clarkson University

5/17/2019: Clarkson’s President Dr. Tony Collins announced that Dr. Wriedt has been named the Kodak CAMP Distinguished Professor.

5/11/2019: Clarkson’s President Dr. Tony Collins presented to Dr. Wriedt the John W. Graham Jr. Faculty Research Award. See press release here and certificate here.

4/13/2019: Phalanx, Clarkson’s highest honorary society, has chosen Dr. Wriedt to recognize his work as teacher-scholar and dedication to Clarkson’s community. He received the Commendable Service Award and Commendable Leadership Award. See certificates here.

Dr. Wriedt Awarded Corning Grant for Smart Window Research

April 2019: Dr. Wriedt has been awarded a grant funded by Corning Incorporated for his research into electrically activated molecular assemblies. These original chemicals can be used to make smart windows.

Smart windows, which are already used on some aircraft and commercial buildings, are windows whose transmission properties change when voltage, light, or heat is applied.

“If you start with a transparent window and apply an electric potential, you can alter the contrast ratio of the window. This process controls how much light is reflected or absorbed and eliminates the need for blinds or shades. Ultimately, it is an energy-efficient process that can reverse the change in transparency by applying a potential,” Wriedt said. “This technology is fairly new yet well established. However, certain limitations do exist. We aim to address them using our research.”

Wriedt’s group at Clarkson specializes in the rational design and synthesis of molecular assemblies, including advanced crystalline porous materials that form multi-dimensional networks suitable for a wide variety of applications. While such materials are typically regarded as insulators, through fine-tuning and modifications, Wriedt and his team have found a way to induce conductivity and make their materials electrochemically-active.

“Our materials operate through redox chemistry and allow for fast switching times between transparent and opaque states with no loss of the electrochemical behavior or structural integrity after successive cycles, which make them adaptable to smart window technology,” Wriedt said. “In the future, smart windows will have an abundance of practical applications, including use in residential homes and commercial buildings.”

This grant from Corning Incorporated will enable new and exciting ventures for Wriedt and his team of 15 student researchers including graduate and undergraduate students.

Dr. Wriedt receives Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor

February 2019: Clarkson University President Tony Collins has announced that Mario Wriedt has been granted tenure and promoted from assistant professor to associate professor of chemistry & biomolecular science in the School of Arts & Sciences.

See news release here.

JACS paper featured on Journal Cover

Direct Imaging of Isolated Single Molecule Magnets in Metal-Organic Frameworks

D. Aulakh, L. Liu, J.R. Varghese, H. Xie, T. Islamoglu, K. Duell, C.-W. Kung, C.-E. Hsiung, Y. Zhang, R.J. Drout, O.K. Farha, K.R. Dunbar, Y. Han and M. Wriedt

Journal of the American chemical Society2019141, 2997-3005.

DOI: 10.1021/jacs.8b11374; see news release here.

This is the result of a fantastic collaboration with groups of Professors Yu Han at KAUST, Omar Farha at NU, and Kim Dunbar at TAMU.

Wriedt Lab publishes paper in Chemistry of Materials

Rational Design of Pore Size and Functionality in a Series of Isoreticular Zwitterionic Metal-Organic Frameworks

D. Aulakh, T. Islamoglu, V.F. Bagundes, J.R. Varghese, K. Duell, M. Joy, S.J. Teat, O.K. Farha and M. Wriedt

Chemistry of Materials, 2018, 30, 8332-8342.

DOI: 10.1021/acs.chemmater.8b03885; see news release here.

This paper was rated one of the top 20 most highly downloaded papers in November 2018!

Dr. Wriedt receives NSF CAREER Award

December 2017: Thanks to the National Science Foundation Early CAREER Program. Dr. Wriedt was recognized with this prestigious award for his work on the design of a new class of advanced porous materials for energy applications.

Title: Zwitterionic Metal-Organic Frameworks with Multi-Stimulus-Responsive Properties,
Award# 1752771; 2018-2023; $600,000.

See news release here.

See award details here.

Dr. Wriedt wins Clarkson Ignite Research Fellowship Competition

March 2018: Dr. Wriedt, partnered with Dr. Mitlin from Chemical Engineering, was awarded the Craig-Ignite Research Fellowship of Clarkson’s Pilot Grant Program to support a Ph.D. student for five years to conduct a multidisciplinary research project. 

See news release here and a short video of the program here.

A recording of the live competition can be found here (Dr. Wriedt’s pitch starts at 1:54).

See video description of the funded project here with the job posting for the fellowship here. Update summer 2018: This position has been filled.

Wriedt Lab Members Win Seven Awards at Clarkson’s RAPS Conference

April 2018: Wriedt Lab members contributed with a total of 11 oral presentations and 4 poster presentations at Clarkson’s Research and Project Showcase (RAPS). Impressively, they won 7 out of 7 possible awards, congrats!

RAPS attendees of Wriedt Lab (Jenna Brockett, Matthew Sadler, Paul Lawrence, Shefa Alomari, Hubert Bilan, Steven Dunckel, Michael Chirgwin, Charlene VanLeuven, Fletcher Dix, Juby Varghese, Alexander Harley, John Hadynski, and Mario Wriedt)RAPS awardees Juby Varghese (Graduate, best oral and poster presentation, honorable mention for sustainability award), Fletcher Dix (Undergraduate, best oral and poster presentation, sustainability award), and Steven Dunckel (Undergraduate, best oral presentation).

 CrystEngComm paper featured on Journal Front Cover

Porous Substrates as Platforms for the Nanostructuring of Molecular Magnets

D. Aulakh, H.K. Bilan and M. Wriedt

CrystEngComm201820, 1011-1030.

DOI: 10.1039/C7CE01978E

Dalton Transaction paper featured on Journal Front Cover

Design, Structural Diversity and Properties of Novel Zwitterionic Metal-Organic Frameworks

D. Aulakh, A.P. Nicoletta, J.B. Pyser, J.R. Varghese and M. Wriedt

Dalton Transactions, 2017, 46, 6853-6869.

DOI: 10.1039/C7DT00292K; see news release here.

Wriedt Lab publishes paper in Inorganic Chemistry

Systematic Investigation of Controlled Nanostructuring of Mn12 Single-Molecule Magnets Templated by Metal-Organic Frameworks

D. Aulakh, H. Xie, Z. Shen, A. Harley, X. Zhang, A.A. Yakovenko, K.R. Dunbar and M. Wriedt

Inorganic Chemistry, 2017, 56, 6965-6972.

DOI: 10.1021/acs.inorgchem.7b00514

Wriedt Lab publishes paper in Chemistry of Materials

Switching of Adsorption Properties in a Zwitterionic Metal-Organic Framework Triggered by Photogenerated Radical Triplets

W. An, D. Aulakh, X. Zhang, W.M. Verdegaal, K.R. Dunbar and M. Wriedt

Chemistry of Materials, 2016, 28, 7825-7832.

DOI: 10.1021/acs.chemmater.6b03224; see news release here.

Wriedt Lab publishes paper in JACS

Metal-Organic Frameworks as Platforms for the Controlled Nanostructuring of Single-Molecule Magnets

D. Aulakh, J.B. Pyser, X. Zhang, A.A. Yakovenko, K.R. Dunbar and M. Wriedt

Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2015, 137, 9254-9257.

DOI: 10.1021/jacs.5b06002; see news release here.

This work has been featured in: “Reticular Chemistry-Construction, Properties, and Precision Reactions of Frameworks” by Omar M. Yaghi (Associate Editor), J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2016, 138, 15507-15509.