Funding – Thank you very much to our Sponsors!

Corning Incorporated, industrial grant: Advanced crystalline porous materials for electrochromic applications (PI, $102,780, 2018-2019)
Craig-Ignite Research Fellowship, Clarkson University: Advanced CO2 Capture Capacities by Porous Carbons Derived from Biomasses (PI, 2018-2023, $300,000)

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National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Award, Division of Materials Research (NSF DMR CAREER): Zwitterionic Metal-Organic Frameworks with Multi-Stimulus-Responsive Properties (PI, 2018-2023, $592,696)

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American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund, Doctoral New Investigator: Tunable Host-Guest Interactions in Photo-Functional Metal-Organic Frameworks (PI, 2016-2018, $110,000)

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Center for Advanced Materials Processing, Clarkson University, Undergraduate Summer Research Grants (PI, 2014 and 2015, $6,000 each)
Generous Start-Up Funding, Clarkson University