Wriedt Group in the News

[33]I have to come back for a real Kieler Woche!, Kiel Nano, Surface and Interface Science (Oct. 2021), Link.
[32]Clarkson University Hosts Crystallography Workshop (Sep. 2021), Link.
[31]Clarkson University Research Team Details New Toxin Removal Process (Jun. 2021), Link.
[30]Two Clarkson University Chemical Engineering Undergrads Awarded Research Internships in Germany (May 2021), Link.
[29]Excess milk could reduce power plant emissions, Dairy Reporter (Dec. 2020), Link.
[28]Scientists discover novel way of using wasted milk to capture CO2 emissions, Energy Live News (Nov. 2020), Link.
[27]Waste Milk Could Be Used to Reduce Power Plant CO2 Emissions, Says Clarkson University Research (Nov. 2020), Link.
[26]Carbon capture using processed milk, Advanced Science News (Aug. 2020), Link.
[25]Clarkson Professor Mario Wriedt Receives Excellence in Research & Scholarship Award (May 2020), Link.
[24]Three Clarkson Graduates Awarded National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Honorable Mention (Apr. 2020), Link.
[23]Clarkson University Professor Mario Wriedt Awarded Corning Grant for MOFs Electrochromics Research (Apr. 2020), Link.
[22]Clarkson’s Chemistry & Biomolecular Science Department Hosts Successful Crystallography Workshop (Aug. 2019), Link.
[21]Mario Wriedt & Zijie Yan Receive Graham Faculty Research Award at Clarkson University (May 2019), Link.
[20]More Clarkson University Students Awarded Prestigious Goldwater Scholarships (Apr. 2019), Link.
[19]Clarkson University Chemistry Professor Wriedt’s Research Featured on Cover of the Journal of American Chemical Society (Mar. 2019), Link.
[18]Mario Wriedt Receives Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor at Clarkson University (Feb. 2019), Link.
[17]Clarkson University Chemistry Professor Mario Wriedt Publishes Paper in Leading Journal (Jan. 2019), Link.
[16]Is Hemp the Future of Cleaning CO2 From Our Air? (Mar. 2018), Link.
[15]Pilot Grant Program - Clarkson Ignite Research Fellowship Competition Winners (Mar. 2018), Link.
[14]Clarkson University Professor Wriedt Awarded NSF CAREER Award (Jan. 2018), Link.
[13]Researchers & Entrepreneurs Commercialize Conversion of Agricultural Waste for Energy Applications (Jul. 2017), Link.
[12]Prof. Mario Wriedt's Lab Has Cover Feature for Royal Society of Chemistry Journal (Jun. 2017), Link.
[11]Clarkson University Researchers Design Metal-Organic Framework Controlled by Light (Jan. 2017), Link.
[10]Metal Organic Framework Research at Clarkson University (Nov. 2016), Link.
[9]Clarkson University Grad Students Win Awards at American Crystallographic Association Conference (Oct. 2016), Link.
[8]Clarkson University's Mario Wriedt Invited to Present on Metal-Organic Frameworks at Gordon Research Conference (Jul. 2016), Link.
[7]Futuristic drama takes look at climate change (Jul. 2016), Link.
[6]Clarkson University Prof Receives $110,000 Grant from American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund (Jan. 2016), Link.
[5]Clarkson University Researchers Publish Paper on New Ultra-High Density Data Storage Material Design (Aug. 2015), Link.
[4]Stopping Global Warming with Advanced Porous Materials at Next Clarkson University Science Café (Mar. 2015), Link.
[3]Researchers at Clarkson University Aim to Improve Hydrogen Storage Systems (Feb. 2015), Link.
[2]Clarkson University Professor Leads Workshop in Switzerland on Clean Energy (Oct. 2014), Link.
[1]Undergrads Research Metal-Organic Framework at Clarkson University (Jul. 2014), Link.