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Dr. Goodarz Ahmadi
Director, TMFL
Clarkson U.
Potsdam, NY 13699

 Facilities (Experimental & Computational)
Aerosol Wind Tunnel | Boiler | Charged Fibers | Charged Particles | CMP | CO2 Sequestration | Coal Ash Deposition | CRCD | Cryogenic Surface Cleaning | DNS | Fractured Rocks | Gas Hydrates | Glass Furnaces | Hot Gas Filtration | Indoor Air | Lung | Nano Aerosols | Outdoor Air | Particle Resuspension | Powder Dispersion | Bauxite Residue | Sediment Transport | Slurry Reactors | Sprays | Supersonic Impactors | Vibration Control |

Aerosol Wind Tunnel

Wind Tunnel

Class 10 Soft Wall Clean Room

Class 10 Soft Wall Clean Room (Mini-Environment)

Isokinetic Sampling Probe

Isokinetic Sampling Probe

Particle Image Velocimeter (PIV)

Granular & Two-Phase Simple Shear Flow Devices

Granular & Two-Phase Simple Shear Flow Devices

Hot Gas Filtration System Hot Gas Filtration System

Hot Gas Experimental Filtration System

Image Analysis Equipment and Software

Image Analysis Equipment and Software

Stereolithography and Rapid Prototyping System

Laser-Doppler/Phase-Doppler Anemometer (LDA/PDA)

Isokinetic Sampling Probe

Gas Hydrate Experiment

High Performance Computing Systems & Resources

  • Eight-node dedicated cluster of Sun Ultra 10 Workstations capable of 32 and 64-bit processing for a variety of programming applications and environments.
  • Seventeen High Performance Sun Ultra, IBM RISC & DEC Workstations and dozens of Intel-based PCs enabling both serial and parallel processing.
  • Supercomputer Time Allocation at the University of San Diego

Single & Multiphase Fluid Flow Software Packages

  • SPRAY Code
  • Granular Flow Simulation Code (TOUGH2)
  • Two-Phase Flow Simulation Code
  • FLUENT v.4, v.6, Gambit
  • Hydrate Modeler (FLUHYD)
  • Tecplot v.10

Questions or Comments should be addressed to the Lab Director, Dr. Goodarz Ahmadi

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