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Dr. Goodarz Ahmadi
Director, TMFL
Clarkson U.
Potsdam, NY 13699

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Electrohydrodynamic and Charged Particle Transport and Deposition

A corona is an instrument that is used in copy machines and printers. Since the contamination by particles causes that the quality of prints or copies decrease dramatically, finding the methods that decrease the amount of contaminants looks necessary. In this regard, by analyzing the movement of particles inside and outside of a corona, some methods can be offered to decrease the amount of the contaminants. In corona, charged particles move in a charged flow in the presence of an external electrical field, so this problem is categorized as a EHD problem. The governing equations for the flow and electrical fields are strongly coupled that have to be solved numerically and then the result of that step is used in the Lagrangian equation of motion for particles that gives the desired information.


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