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Dr. Goodarz Ahmadi
Director, TMFL
Clarkson U.
Potsdam, NY 13699

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Dr. Goodarz Ahmadi - Director, Distinguished Professor

Turbulence and Multiphase Flow Laboratory, TMFL
Clarkson Distinguished Professor,
Robert R. Hill '48 Professor,
Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering
Center for Air Resources Engineering and Science, CARES
Board Member,
Center for Advanced Materials Processing, CAMP

Clarkson University, Box 5725
Potsdam, NY 13699-5725
ph [fax]: (315) 268-2322 [6438]
curriculum vitae

Graduate Students & Visiting Scholars

Behtash Tavakoli
Ph.D. Student (MAE)
275 CAMP
(860) 216-8090
Alberto Roman
Ph.D. Candidate (MAE)
272 CAMP
(315) 268-3844
  • Numerical modeling of multiphase flow simulation
  • Numerical modeling of HVAC systems
  • Numerical modeling of indoor air pollution
  • Numerical modeling of outdoor air pollution
  • Computational Modeling of Fluid Flow through Fracture
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis
  • Solid and Fluid Mechanics
Iman Goldasteh
Ph.D. Student(MAE)
271 CAMP
(315) 262-6251
Alireza Shahrabi Farahani
Ph.D. Student (MAE)
272 CAMP
(315) 590-2143
  • Monte Carlo Simulation of Particle Adhesion, Detachment and Resuspension
  • CFD Simulation of Particle Resuspension, Dispersion, Transport and Deposition in Indoor Environment
  • CFD simulation of Gate Cycle and Indoor Particle Resuspension
  • CFD Simulation of Particle Resuspension and Transport Through porous media
  • Active Flow Control
  • Design of Synthetic Jets
Minoo Mehdizadeh
M.S. Candidate (MAE)
275 CAMP
(407) 489-8760

Fariduddin Behzad
Ph.D. Student (MAE)
275 CAMP
(315) 566-9748

  • Analyzing Thermal Efficiency of a Salinity Gradient Solar Pond and the Interaction of Salinity Concentration and Thermal Convection
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Solar Pond
  • Simulation of Particle Transport and Deposition
  • optimization of MED-TVC Desalination System Using Feed Preheater Heatexchangers
Pooya Kabiri
Ph.D. Candidate (MAE)
269 CAMP
(818) 414-6995

Nasim daemi
Ph.D. Student (MAE)
287 CAMP

  • Active Flow Control Over high lift systems
  • Experimental investigation on Synthetic Jet Actuators
  • Experimental Fluid Mechanics (PIV, Hot-wire Anemometry , ...)
Robert Bruce Alstrom
Ph.D. Candidate (MAE)
287 CAMP
(315) 268-4400
Sohaib Obeid
Ph.D. Candidate (MAE)
272 CAMP
(315) 212-4474
  • Design of Synthetic Jets
  • Experimental Aerodynamics
  • Control theory
  • Flight Dynamics
  • Aeroelasticity
  • Design of Closed-loop Controllers for Active Control of Flapped Airfoil
Ronak Ghandriz
Ph.D. Student (MAE)
271 CAMP
(315) 268-3826
Eric Gessner
M.S. Candidate (MAE)
269 CAMP
(315) 268-2203
  • Natural convection heat transfer study in wood stove
  • Deformation of Liquid Droplet in Accelerating Flows
  • Modeling Particle Resuspension
Lin Tian
Ph.D. Candidate (MAE)
275 CAMP
(315) 268-3826
Xinli Jia
Ph.D. (ChE)
(315) 268-7687
Melissa Richards
M.S. Candidate (MAE)
271 CAMP
(315) 268-7685
Il-Soo Chang
M.S. Candidate (MAE)
275 CAMP
(315) 268-3826
  • Pneumonic Alveolar Cavity Transport and Deposition during Inhalation
  • Blood Flow Modeling

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Dr. Xinli Jia

Dr. Xinyu Zhang

Dr. Wei Chen

Dr. Hojat Nasr

Dr. Dustin M. Crandall

Dr. Ali Alavinasab

Dr. Lin Tian

Dr. Kevin Shanley

Dr. Elaine Humiston

Dr. Kambiz Nazridoust

Dr. David J. Schmidt
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Dr. Omid Abouali (Shiraz University, Iran)

Dr. Ali Reza Mazaheri

Dr. Joe Ellison (Corning)

Dr. Javad Marzban (Science & Technology University, Iran)

Dr. Gina Lee-Glauser (Syracuse University)

Dr. Hadj Ounis (Ai7 Computer)

Dr. Fa-Gung Fan (Xerox)

Dr. Chunhong He (Corning)

Dr. William Kvasnak (Pratt-Whitney)

Dr. Mehdi Soltani (Bechtel)

Dr. Sameer Abu-Zaid (Asyst)

Dr. Ismail I. Orabi (Universty of New Haven)

Dr. Amy Li (EMC)

Dr. K.A. Elrais

Dr. Haifeng Zhang (Asyst)

Dr. Xia Xun (Corning)

Dr. Mehrzad Shams (Amir Kabir Univeristy, Iran)

Dr. Showkat J. Chowdhury (Corning)

Dr. Lin Su (Delphi)

Dr. Danning Ma (Chicago)

Dr. Samir Abdel-Rahman (University, Egypt)

Dr. Jianfa Cao (Philadephia)

Dr. Vincent DeGregorio (JMOA Engineering)

Dr. Mohammed Mohammed (University of Alexandria, Egypt)

Melissa Richards

Daviel Wante

Chaosheng Liu

Ravi Sankar Chavali

Eric Gessner

Deenesh Kumar Bundi

Shaoqing Xu

Yan Feng

Shravanthi L. Manikonda

Joshua Cook

Mahzad Bastaninejad

Joseph Rocca

Arunava Roy

Baishali Ray

Chuang Ji

Timothy K. White

Matthew Pausley (General Electric)

Elizabeth Kenney (General Electric)

Allison Bailey (General Electric)

Christopher Toscano (ExxonMobil)

Jarrett Gayne (Lexmark)

Jeffery T. Shimmel

Sheguang Guo (Nortel Networks)

Yu Chen (Carrier)

Qian Chen

P. Koppolu

Kenneth Elliott

Questions or Comments should be addressed to the Lab Director, Dr. Goodarz Ahmadi

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