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Dr. Goodarz Ahmadi
Director, TMFL
Clarkson U.
Potsdam, NY 13699

 Research Projects
Aerosol Wind Tunnel | Boiler | Charged Fibers | Charged Particles | CMP | CO2 Sequestration | Coal Ash Deposition | CRCD | Cryogenic Surface Cleaning | DNS | Fractured Rocks | Gas Hydrates | Glass Furnaces | Hot Gas Filtration | Indoor Air | Lung | Nano Aerosols | Outdoor Air | Particle Resuspension | Powder Dispersion | Bauxite Residue | Sediment Transport | Slurry Reactors | Sprays | Supersonic Impactors | Vibration Control |

Stochastic Turbulence Modeling

Formation of Liquid Sprays... [read more]

Gas Hydrates

Gas Hydrates

Boiler Simulation

Supersonic Impactor... [read more]

Experimental Particle Deposition

Experimental Particle Deposition... [read more]

Three-Phase Slurry Reactors

Three-phase slurry reactors in coal conversion processes... [read more]

Coal Deposition, Vertical

Ash and Pulverized Coal Deposition in Combustors & Gasifiers... [read more]

Microgravity Equipment Vibrations

Microgravity Equipment Vibrations, A Sensitivity and Control Study... [read more]

Electrohydrodynamic and Charged Particle Transport and Deposition... [read more]

Direct Numerical Simulation of Two-Phase Turbulent Flow... [read more]

Flow in Street Canyons

Modeling of Gaseous and Particulate Emissions in Street Canyons... [read more]

Indoor/Outdoor Air Pollution

Modeling of Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution... [read more]

Flow in Fractured Rocks

Modeling of Single and Multiphase Flows in Fractured Rocks... [read more]

Powder Dispersion

Powder Dispersion and Inhalation Drug Delivery... [read more]

Powder Dispersion

Particle Resuspension ... [read more]

Environmental Quality Systems

Environmental Quality Systems... [read more]

Flexible Fiber Transport and Deposition... [read more]

Boiler Simulation

Boiler Simulation... [read more]

CO2 Sequestration

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Sequestration... [read more]

Hot Gas Filtration

Hot Gas Filtration... [read more]

Aerosol Wind Tunnel

Experimental Particle Deposition... [read more]

Sediment Transport in Rivers

Sediment Transport and Deposition in Rivers... [read more]


NSF - CRCD - Particle Transport, Deposition, & Removal... [read more]

Chemical-Mechanical Polishing

Chemical-Mechanical Polishing (CMP)... [read more]

Cryogenic Surface Cleaning

Cryogenic Surface Cleaning... [read more]

Simulation of Glass Furnaces... [read more]

Fiber Deposition in Lung and Upper Respiratory Tract... [read more]

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Potsdam, New York, 13699